Saturday, September 6, 2014

Nerium Day 1

I have had my eye on Nerium  for quite a long time, maybe over a year. The first thing that caught my eye were some before and after pictures I saw shared on twitter. Then I noticed on facebook an old friend was involved in the company as a brand partner. At the time, I didn't want to try the product, even with the amazing pictures I saw, because I didn't want to get roped into another MLM where I had to try to get friends to host parties for me.

Over the last few months as Nerium has launched more products and I saw more and more pictures shared by Noelle of people she personally knew. I consider her a person of integrity so I trust the validity of the pictures she personally shares. I just couldn't ignore there might be something to these products.

I am pretty happy with my skin. I get a lot of compliments and the dermatologist gave me an A+, but even still...there is room for improvement. I've noticed the pores on my chin appear more visible, I have fine lines that don't bother me...but I wouldn't be sad if they lessened in appearance. Also, I have bumps on my forehead, I can't remember what they are called, they are not zits...something else, anyway they have been there for years. I've been told they have to be manually removed, either by some kind of abrasion or cutting. Neither of which has interested me because as fair skinned as I am...I scar easily. I worry that something that is going to manually remove the bumps will leave a scar.

Last week, I contacted Noelle for more information about Nerium, both the products and the company. She sent me a couple of videos. I was suprised to learn that the products are for all skin types, paraben free and more. I was very impressed with that aspect of the products, so I told Noelle I would like to give them a try.I recieved the night cream and the day cream last night. Now that I have given them a try, I'd like to share my first thoughts so I don't forget later.

Night Cream:
I love the packaging. It looks sharp. Also, I think it is very important the have moisturizers in a pump, not a jar. When something like this is put in a jar, many of the beneficial ingrediants are destroyed by oxidation. The jars may look nice, but they are really bad for the product. Also, I don't care how careful you are...most people keep their cosmetics in their bathroom. There is just too much opportunity to expose the contents of a jar to bacteria and I like to be more careful with something I am putting on my face! I really like that the directions state the number of pumps you need. I hate it when a product doesn't give guidance on the amount recommended for use or uses something vague like "a small amount"  or a "pearl sized amount", my small amount might be different from another person's and there is certainly a variety of sizes of pearls. I know that is picky, but it is what it is!
Alright, finally...about the products. When I pumped it out then spread it on my finger tips to apply it to my face, I noticed it was very creamy which I like. I found it a little difficult to spread, I am betting, is why the directions recommend a slightly damp face in addition to the absorption comment. Once I had it on, my face felt tight. Not dry, just...tight. It felt a little odd. Not bad, but not exactly pleasant either. It certainly didn't keep me from going to sleep and shortly after I didn't notice it at all. I didn't notice any tightness when I woke up this morning. One negative I'd like to mention is the directions say to put it on your face...nothing about your eyes, but I consider them part of my face. I put the product on around my eyes and under them, not on my eyelids though. Later, on the bottom of the bottle I saw it stated not to use it on the soft tissue around the eyes. I think that is a bit if a shame, I mean isn't the area around the eyes one of biggest problem areas for people when it comes to the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and other skin issues? I hope they are planning an eye cream!

Don't have much time to talk. I'd say ditto to all the positives above here. Less cream though and when I put it on, no tightness. It is now about 30 mins later and my skin just feels well moisturized, not heavy or greasy though. I have the same comment about the eyes as above.

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