Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 24

I am a little late with my weekly check in, but better late than never!

Last week was a bit of a crazy week. I had a work trip from Wednesday to Thursday. I was able to get a WOD in before I left Wed morning so I didn't miss any of my days (Thur is a rest day). The trip went well, but I'll be honest....I ate totally off plan while I was gone and continued the trend through the weekend. I had one of the best out of town meals of my life on Wednesday evening at a hole in the wall pub. Over the weekend my girls went to stay with their grandparents for their first ever weekend away. My hubby and I decided to indulge and have a date night. Our date night extended into a breakfast out the next morning (after crossfit) and dinner out the following night too. My food choices certainly didn't promote any weight loss, but they did promote a fun and mentally relaxing weekend. I'll take it. We rarely eat out and date nights are even more rare.

Now for specifics:

The word of the week was "Sin" and boy was there a lot of it!! We spent time studying the fall, Cain and Abel, the tower of babel, and David. What struck me was that mankind's pride, or desire to be self sufficient, or God-like sure does lead us down a path of destruction. It was also clear to me that while we serve a loving God, sin makes him angry and He takes it personally (at least that is my best attempt at describing sin is against God). We had an interesting discussion in our group about the way we present Bible stories to kids. The prevailing practice is to make people into "heroes", then tell like them! Be faithful like Abraham! Be brave like David! We put all these people up on pedestals and tell our kids to be like them, but we fail to highlight the many failings of these men and how God showed them Grace, Mercy, and still used them! Now, I am not saying we need to give 4 year-olds all the details of Abraham giving Sarah to the Pharaoh or David and Bathsheba, but the message of God's ability to use our broken selves for the Glory of His Kingdom is an important message kids need to hear (heck adults too). 

I am really enjoying this way of exploring the Bible. We are mostly going from start to finish so far, but there is some jumping around to read Scripture pertaining to our topic, like last week we mostly read in Genesis, but jumped to David and Psalm 51 (which was about repentance). 

This was a tough week! I guess they are all pretty tough, but last week was seriously intense. I can tell I am getting stronger, but my cardio seems to hold me back quite a bit...or more like slow me down. I am definitely improve all the way around, but I am more please with my progress in the strength area compared to the cardio endurance area. I think a lot of that will improve over time. When I run, I tend to subscribe to the slow and steady way of thinking, but Crossfit is more of a sprint. Continuing to lose weight will also help my speed. I am much faster now than I was 35 lbs ago and I know as I drop more weight, my body will be able to move faster. Overall, I am very proud of how my body is responding!

I made it to 4 workouts last week. This week I am planning on hitting 5. I have already completed 3 this week, all in a row, and I could really feel some fatigue this morning. I am looking forward to a rest day tomorrow. 

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