Monday, September 9, 2013


Have you ever been at a place in life where you just know...change is coming? That is exactly where I am right now. 

I recently read a post on a blog I follow about finding a balance in life. This post was specifically about a work/life balance, but it got my mind going. I think there are many components to living a "balanced" or healthy life, but four that stand out to me are physical health, spiritual health, emotional health, and mental health. I think all of these can work either for us or against us in life depending on the path we choose. My current focus is on finding a healthy path forward. A path that takes all of these different pieces of the healthy life puzzle into consideration. 

Recently I have committed to a 60 day Crossfit Challenge and a 34 week Disciple Bible Study. Interestingly enough, both begin today. Short term, this blog will serve as a way for me to unload my feelings and thoughts on these two "challenges" as well as anything else I feel like hashing out here. Long term, well, we'll just see what happens. 

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