Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 8

I thought I would start out this week with a bit of a recap from last week, my first full week of CrossFit and Disciple I.


I completed WODs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. Many of these were considered baseline and will be repeated at the end of the challenge. I left my notebook at the box so I will do a comparison at the end of the challenge. 

I did complete my first "Hero" WOD on Wednesday and it was seriously tough! 

After the first week, I can totally understand why people get addicted and also why people run away! CrossFit is intense, its own special brand of fun, and humbling. Believe me, is it ever humbling. There is a lot I can't do. I can't do a strict pull up, head stand push up, heck...I can't even use the prescribed weights for the WODs, but I like a challenge. I am usually the last to finish in my group, but that doesn't make me the loser. I am not competing against anyone else (yet). I am competing against myself. Every time I do any of these WODs or any of the individual exercises, I want to do them better. Sometimes that will mean faster. Sometimes that will mean with more weight. Sometimes it will mean just doing them correctly. One thing I know for sure is I sure won't get stronger, fitter, or healthier sitting on the couch eating tacos! 

As for the Paleo side of things, last week went really well. Other than the protein powder I had after my workouts, I was spot on. The weekend was more challenging, but I knew it would be and I planned for it. I had a meal on Saturday off plan and I had some treats on Sunday. I won't call them slip ups, because I planned all week to have them. I really don't think one meal and a couple of treats will undo everything else I did all week and according to the scale and how I feel....they didn't. I have noticed a Paleo breakfast of eggs with spinach, salsa, and avocado keep me feeling satisfied all morning. I've always "known" a protein based breakfast would stick longer, but taking the time to make something hasn't been an interest for me in the past. Now, I look forward to it each morning because I know it will carry me through half of the day feeling great!

Disciple I:

The word for last week was "Authority". Mostly we spent the week getting familiar with The Bible, how it is organized and different writing styles. I am using a life application study Bible. I really like it because it provides historical context and references that really help me to understand the perspective of either the author of the particular story I am ready or the audience. 

We read Psalm 84, then discussed it with a partner. It is really interesting and encouraging for me to hear all the different ways people are impacted by the same Scripture. It reminds me that The Bible is a living document. Each time we read it, we get the opportunity to communicate with God and for the Holy Spirit to reveal a message intended just for each of us. It is such a blessing to know that my God wants to talk to me. Wow! 

This week our word is "Wonder". 

My goals for this week are to go to crossfit 4 times and to keep up with my Scripture reading daily. 

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