Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 1...Baselines

Two posts in one day!

As I mentioned in my post earlier, today is the start of two very interesting challenges for me. One is a 60 day Paleo/Crossfit challenge and the other is the beginning of a 34 week Bible Study called Disciple. Over the next 34 weeks we will read approximately 80% of the Bible and meet weekly for a group discussion session. I know this will be intense, but I am really looking forward to being immersed in Scripture. I have heard many people say this study changed their life! That is good stuff!  

Today's assignment for Disciple was to familiarize yourself with the Bible you will be using for the study. I am using a life application study Bible (NIV). I also have a KJV. I know there is a lot of controversy among different Christians about which version of the Bible is the real word of God. I have discussed the version I am using in the past with a very trusted adviser(s) as well as prayerfully considered it. I also think an important step to unlocking Scriptural messages is to approach it from the stand point of "Holy Spirit guide me. Reveal the message in these words intended for me". This is one of those decisions in which others can certainly have an opinion, but they don't get a vote, if you know what I mean?

Tonight was my first official Crossfit class. Last week I attended beginner's classes which ended in a WOD named "Fran" on the last day, but today was the first true blue class for me. Because we are starting a challenge, we completed 3 baseline challenges (after the warm up which was harder than most of my usual workouts!). 

A. 2 rep deadlift max: 155 lbs
B. 500M run, 40 air squats, 30 sit ups, 20 HR push ups, 10 pull ups: 8:41 and I had to modify the push ups and the pull ups (jump pulls). 
C. "GRACE": 4:41 (55lbs)

I am really excited to see how these numbers change 60 days from now! 

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