Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 15

Last week was a whirlwind! My sister was out of town so we were down an adult and all the big kids had jam packed schedules. My goal for the week was to make 4 WODs and to keep up with my Disciple reading. I was able to accomplish both!


This week our word was "Wonder". We read both Creation stories as well as many psalms and other scripture relating to Creation and God the Creator. I think it is easy sometimes to make God smaller than He really is and I loved that the Scripture we read last week revealed how infinite His power really is. God spoke everything into existence. He breathed life into man. There would be nothing without Him. He is Master of everything that ever was or ever will be! I find a lot of safety and security in that knowledge. It reminds me of when I was a little girl. My dad was 6'5". I always loved that he was taller, bigger, stronger, than anyone else I knew. I always felt safe. That is how knowing God is bigger and more powerful than anything else makes me feel. Safe.


WOW! What a week! I really noticed a difference this week. As of Friday I have lost about 7.4lbs and it really shows in my face. Others are starting to notice as well. I have also turned or at least started to turn a bit of a corner in my workouts. I can tell I am doing them better (form, speed) and working harder. I feel stronger. I love it!

The workout that stands out for me at the moment is the one we completed on Friday. It was made up of power snatches, pistols, and medicine ball power cleans. We had an assigned number of reps for each exercise and we were given 4 minutes to cycle through all the reps. We had 5 rounds of this and counted how many cycles we made it through. I made it to 7+20 reps. I was just 1 rep (medicine ball clean) short of 8 cycles. I just barely didn't get the clean done, but I felt wrong counting it. My legs are still screaming from that WOD!

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